Options For An Awe-Inspiring Diamond Ring

If you have met the love of your life and plan on proposing marriage, then you may want to choose an awe- inspiring and a one-in-a-million diamond ring for your girlfriend. Thankfully, choosing a unique diamond ring does not always mean that you will need to break the bank to show your affection. Keep reading to learn about some unique options to show your true love that are also affordable.

Choose A Trilliant Cut

Diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and one carat diamonds are traditional when it comes to engagement rings. Unfortunately, diamond prices dramatically increase in price once they reach the one carat mark. For example, a diamond that is about .88 carats can sell for as much as $9,000. The same type of diamond that is one carat can be as much as $15,000. 

If you decide to go with a ring that has a smaller diamond, then also choose a cut that will make the diamond look large. A trillion or a trilliant cut is one option that will make the stone look quite big. A trillion cut is a triangular shape with slightly rounded tips, and the diamond is cut so it is large from side to side and narrow or shallow from top to bottom. This makes the diamond seem larger than one that is cut with a more rounded shape, like a brilliant cut one. Trillion cut diamonds are also rarely seen as the main feature of a solitaire ring. The diamonds are typically utilized as accent stones, so your significant other's ring will surely stand out. 

If you like the interesting look of trillion diamonds, then make sure your jeweler sets the diamond in v-shaped prongs to help protect the stone. This is important because the tips of the triangular diamond may chip if they are not covered properly. 

Go With A Lab Diamond

If you and your girlfriend are far from the traditional type, then consider purchasing a lab-made diamond instead of a natural one. Engineered or lab-made diamonds are created in a sophisticated laboratory and the creation process simulates the natural environment in which diamonds are formed deep in the earth. Since lab-grown diamonds are formed in a controlled environment with pure carbon chains, gems are considered flawless in appearance, hardness, and color. In some cases, the diamonds are actually stronger and more chemically pure than natural diamonds. Flawless natural diamonds are typically quite expensive, but a synthetic or lab grown one, that is identical or superior to a natural diamond, can be 20 percent to 30 percent less. This means that you can save thousands of dollars on a diamond simply because it is created artificially instead of dug up from the earth. 

Lab-grown diamonds are marked or identified with serial numbers and other labels. Lasers are used to create the marks inside the diamonds. This is necessary so that gems are not passed off as real natural diamonds. Fortunately, you will be unable to see the mark with your naked eye, but the identification will be noted if a gem professional looks at the stone. Make sure to let your girlfriend know that the diamond is engineered, so this does not come as a surprise if the engagement ring is cleaned or repaired professionally. 

If you are going for a really unique type of diamond, then purchase a colored one. Synthetic diamonds come in a wide range of colors like yellow, blue, green, pink, and purple. The colored varieties may cost a bit more, but they are still far cheaper than natural colored diamonds. Natural ones in brilliant tones are considered rare. This is not the case with engineered types. Special gasses and elements, like boron, are used to create the colors in a controlled manner like the colorless diamonds.

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