Are You Wanting To Give Jewelry This Christmas?

Have you decided that this will be the Christmas where everybody on your list gets jewelry? If so, you have probably come up with a great idea. Your shopping will more than likely be simplified since you know just what you are looking for. And, if you are mailing things out of town, sending small packages will be a lot easier than sending large, bulky packages.

Start With A List - 

Writing down the names of everybody you want to give presents to is a good beginning to your shopping. Don't forget to ask your family members to give you the names of people on their list. For example, your little ones might want to give presents to the music teacher or the secretary in the office, and not just to a homeroom teacher. And, your spouse might have to give presents to his or her office workers.

  • Divide your list into categories.
  • For example, have a category that includes young girls.
  • Have a category of those who will receive important gifts.
  • Include a category of things that need to be mailed.

Jewelry For The Boys And Men -

Aren't you glad that boys and men even like to wear jewelry? That just means that you'll more than likely want to select jewelry of a masculine design. For example, consider giving the boys and men on your list leather bracelets. 

  • Think of making the jewelry yourself.
  • For example, think of making leather bracelets yourself.
  • Take leather strands and knot them in strategic places.
  • For something very special, consider adding turquoise or coral beads in the Zuni style.

Jewelry For The Girls And Women -

As Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell sang in an old movie, Diamonds are a girl's best friend! However, you certainly don't have to give diamonds to make the girls and women on your list happy. Consider giving unique jewelry. One idea is to give all the gals on your list Zuni jewelry. 

  • For smaller gifts, think of giving sterling silver rings.
  • Include turquoise and coral in the design.
  • Needlepoint design coral or turquoise jewelry would be a great choice.
  • For a very special gift, consider buying a Zuni turquoise and coral snake necklace.

One of the great things about selecting Zuni jewelry is that it is extremely versatile. Pair it with jeans and a tunic for a sharp, casual look. Then wear it with something like a black dress for a truly dramatic look. Contact a company like Reservation Trading Post of New Mexico for more information and assistance.