3 Tips To Help Your Jewelry Appraisal Go Smoothly

Are you looking to sell some of your jewelry in the near future? Did you recently find a box full of old jewelry in your grandparents' attic and you want to know what it is worth? These are just two of the reasons why you might be interested in hiring a company that offers jewelry appraisal services. A good appraiser can closely inspect your jewelry and provide documentation stating how much the jewelry is likely worth in their professional opinion. If you want this process to go smoothly and maximize your potential income, here are a few tips that might help.

Organize the Jewelry in Advance

Two pieces of jewelry that might look the same to you can have very different values in an appraisal. For example, gold can be classified according to how many karats are in the piece. Try to do your best to sort through all of the jewelry in advance of the appraisal. Keep high-karat or mint condition items separate from other lower quality items. You want to make the appraiser's job as easy as possible so they can spend their time really focusing on the quality of the piece.

Don't Forget the Documentation

Did you receive any documentation like a diamond report when you first purchased the jewelry? Bring any and all documentation with you, as this can help fast-track the appraisal process. Sure, the jewelry might have changed in condition over time, but it still likely has the same materials as when you originally bought it. Sort your documentation in advance of the appointment and know which certificate goes with which jewel before you walk in for the appraisal.

Clean It Yourself If You Think It's Safe

Most jewelry appraisers are used to cleaning the jewelry a bit before they do an evaluation. If you want to speed the process up, you can try cleaning the jewelry yourself. Don't do this, of course, if you fear damaging the jewelry or if you just don't know what you are doing. Avoid using harsh chemicals, because you are only trying to remove the initial coat of dirt so the appraisal service can get a closer look.

Getting an appraisal for your jewelry can increase its value when you go to sell it. If you've never gone through this process before, take some time to sort your jewelry and get your documentation together. For more tips, contact a local jewelry appraisal service today.