Are You Giving An Heirloom Jewelry Gift To Your Wife For Your One-Year Anniversary?

Does it seem like just yesterday that you and your wife were planning your wedding and your wedding reception? It might seem pretty incredible that one year has passed so rapidly. Believe it or not, that's probably how the rest of your married life will pass. if you have decided to commemorate your one-year anniversary by giving your sweetheart a piece of jewelry that was once owned by somebody in your family's history, from finding the right piece to arranging for jewelry repair services, here are some ideas that might help you to give your wife a gift that she will treasure for her entire life.

Obtain The Jewelry Item  

Has your mother or your grandmother already told you that certain pieces in her jewelry collection are available to you for the taking? Maybe there is jewelry set aside from a family member who passed away even before you were born. Whatever the scenario, think of the kind of jewelry your wife would like. If she wears earrings a lot, then there might be a special pair of earrings that would be well received on your one-year anniversary.

Maybe she has hinted that she'd love a special ring to wear on her right hand. In that case, you might be lucky enough to find an exquisite ring in the stored jewelry collection. Just picture your wife wearing the jewelry item you are considering and you will more than likely know exactly which item will suit her best.

Arrange For Jewelry Repair  

If you decided on earrings that were part of a family collection of jewelry, they might need to be adjusted for your wife's ears. For example, if the earrings have a clip-style back on them, a jeweler will probably be able to turn them into pierced earrings. Maybe you have chosen a ring to give your wife on your anniversary. A jewelry repair service can size the ring to fit your wife's finger. Maybe a broach needs a new stone, or several new stones, in order to make it look like it once did. A jewelry repair person can find the right stones to replace the missing ones.

In fact, no matter the repairs that need to be made, a expert repair person will have the training and the experience to make the jewelry item like new. Of course, there will be cost involved, so the gift won't be gratis, but it might be some of the best money you will spend on a gift for your bride. For more information, contact a company like American Jewelers today.