Anniversary Rings and Selecting the Right Gemstones

Couples will often purchase different special rings over the course of the relationship. A lot of couples will use wedding rings, but it's also possible to offer rings as anniversary gifts. People might choose to wear these rings all the time, right along with their engagement and wedding rings. 

Many People Will Want to Make Sure That Their Anniversary and Wedding Rings Match

Lots of people will choose to wear their engagement, anniversary, and wedding rings on one finger at the same time. However, even when all of these rings are high-quality pieces of jewelry, some of them might still clash with one another. If all three rings have very ornate designs, it might not be a good idea to wear all of them simultaneously.

However, if the wedding ring has an elaborate design, pairing it with a subtle piece of anniversary jewelry will make sense. It is possible that some people will want all of their rings to have a luxurious or simple design. For instance, when couples have been married for a decade, they'll often choose to get glamorous diamond anniversary jewelry. 

It's Popular to Purchase Specific Types of Rings for Specific Anniversaries

After couples have been together for a year, they'll often buy gold rings. Rose gold has a timeless quality to it since it's used to create both traditional and modern rings. However, white and yellow gold are still appropriate. Lots of couples will get sapphire rings after they've shared half a decade, since sapphires have always been symbols of trust.

Using diamonds in engagement jewelry is certainly common. It's just as common for couples to get diamond rings when they're spent a decade together. Obviously, some people might want to get anniversary rings made with other types of gemstones, but it's useful to have some initial ideas. Many people will also want rings that use their birthstones.

Rings Made With People's Birthstones or the Birthstones of Their Children Are Typically Well-Received 

People often like rings that feature their birthstones, since it can make those rings more unique. Sapphires and diamonds are both birthstones. Your loved ones who have these gems as birthstones might really appreciate anniversary jewelry made with these specific stones. However, anniversary jewelry made with rubies, emeralds, garnets, and many other birthstones will be just as appropriate. People will usually be happy that their partners spent time thinking about the designs of their anniversary gifts.