Wear A Crystal Drop Necklace To Remind You Of These Important Things

People frequently put different things on their bodies to serve as reminders. Traditionally, a piece of twine tied to a person's finger was a way for the person to remember something important. You might not want to walk around with twine on your finger, but you can still use different objects to help you remember important things. A crystal drop necklace, which you can buy at your local jewelry store, is a piece of jewelry that can be either simple or complex and comes in a long list of styles that you may find appealing. While your use of a crystal drop necklace might primarily be to augment your appearance, you can also get creative and use the pendant as a reminder. Here are some suggestions.

To Stay In Balance

When you wear a crystal drop necklace, one of the things that you'll notice is how it stays in the center of your upper chest. This is because the pendant is fairly heavy, so it will always stay at the bottom of the chain. You might describe this appearance as balanced, and this can serve as a valuable reminder for your need to stay balanced. When you catch a glimpse of the crystal drop necklace in the mirror or even when you look down, ask yourself if you're feeling balanced in that moment. If you feel that you're unbalanced — perhaps because you've just overreacted to something — you can bring your awareness to the feeling of balance and attempt to achieve it.

To Stay Hydrated

As their name suggests, crystal drop necklaces are often shaped like a droplet. When you see this shape, you might immediately think about water which, by extension, can help you to consider hydration. Many people don't drink enough water throughout the day, and being in a state of dehydration can have a wide range of consequences for your health. You might have fun using your crystal drop necklace as a visual reminder to fill up a glass with water or buy a water bottle and keep hydrated.

To Shine

It might sound a little silly, but people often put limitations on themselves that can affect how they go throughout life. When you look down and see your crystal drop necklace sparkling at the base of your neck, it can be a valuable reminder that it's your time to shine. You'll especially feel this if you're in the sun and notice how the sun's rays and reflecting in your necklace. Whether you want to launch a business idea that you've had for a while or take up a new hobby that you've always found interesting, seeing your crystal drop necklace may give you the reminder that it's your time to shine.

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