Fixing Up Your Grandfather's Vintage Watch

A family heirloom such as a vintage watch is a wonderful thing to both own and wear. However, sometimes these vintage watches have been out of service for a while and need some upkeep. Whereas many new watches simply need a battery replacement, vintage watches will need more servicing. The following list will cover some of the more common ways that vintage watches are repaired.

Repair a Cracked or Damaged Strap

The most glaring issue with vintage watches is that the straps need to be replaced or repaired. Old leather straps are often cracked and need to be oiled and repaired by experts. Likewise, metal watch straps often need links replaced, or new pins. While it might be tempting to just buy a brand-new watch strap, you should first consult with an expert watch repair service. They will very likely be able to fix the old strap and return it to its original glory. That will not only maintain the value of the watch but it will keep the visual integrity of the piece.

Have a Watch Repair Service Fix the Internal Movements

It's very likely that your grandfather's watch is a "mechanical," which means that it runs without batteries or electricity. These watches require you to wind them to work and also have lots of small gears and internal movements that can be damaged after years of use.

The internal movements on a watch are the heart and soul of the device. These are the pieces that keep the watch moving and allow it to keep time. If those movements have broken or become slow due to damaged gears or faulty escapement, then it is important that an expert repairs them. The movements inside your watch are tiny and require an expert's touch (and tools) to repair them.

Replace Cracked Glass or Crystal

The window (which is the glass or crystal covering of the watch face) should also be looked at. It is very likely that after years of use the crystal has become damaged. This damage might be something small, such as a scratch, or it might be something more severe, such as a chip. You should discuss the different options you have with the watch repair company. If you have a crystal window that is cracked, it needs to be addressed. Moisture can leak into the watch from a hairline crack and cause severe damage to the internal movements of the watch. So, even if the crack is not noticeable to you, it needs to be replaced to prevent costly damage.

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