3 Signs You Need Jewelry Appraisal

Wouldn't it be incredible to know exactly how much your jewelry is actually worth? While many people wonder whether or not they should invest in the appraisal, there are several instances when knowing the exact amount a piece would sell for could be incredibly beneficial. Here are three signs you need jewelry appraisal.

1. You Need Extra Cash

When you need a little extra money, having your jewelry appraised could be really beneficial. Knowing how much you have and what it is actually worth can be very helpful, especially considering the fact that you could sell it at any time to recoup that extra money. Having jewelry on hand and being familiar with how much it is worth could help you to quickly and efficiently sell those items for the money you need now, which could help you to avoid issues with bills coming due or other obligations in the future.  

2. You Are Getting A Divorce

If you are planning on saying sayonara to your marriage, it can be handy to know what your jewelry is worth. Oftentimes, you will need to have this information handy when it comes time to decide on dividing assets since it could help you to create a more fair division with your property. Think about having your most valuable jewelry appraised, such as your engagement ring, any expensive watches you have, or any gemstone jewelry you may have. That way, you can be as transparent as possible when it comes time to split things up. 

3. You Want An Upgrade

Before you sell a piece of jewelry and invest in a new item, you will need to know what it is worth. To get the best price for your jewelry, have it appraised before you sell, and consider listing its appraisal price when you post the item for sale. If buyers have concerns about the value of the piece, you can simply refer to your appraisal paperwork to back you up. After you get top dollar, you can upgrade the piece of jewelry, enjoying a new gemstone or jewelry piece. 

If you have a big jewelry collection and you are ready to start making some changes, turn to a team near you that handles jewelry appraisal. When you head in to have your pieces analyzed, bring as much information about the jewelry as possible, including the date that it was created or purchased and any previous appraisals you may have gotten. This documentation could improve the accuracy of the appraisal, helping you to get more for your money later.