An Exquisite Diamond That Is Carefully Crafted

A 10-carat diamond is a relatively large gemstone that can be used as the setting (head) of a ring. A princess-cut stone will contain multiple facets that exude incredible brilliance. This type of stone may cost less than a round-cut stone that is a comparable carat size.

Carat Weight

A carat is a unit of measurement that pertains to the weight of a precious stone. A 10-carat diamond is a prominent stone that can be used to create a solitaire setting, a halo setting, a channel setting, or a customized setting. The price of a 10-carat diamond can fluctuate, due to the color, cut, and clarity of a gemstone. 

The Princess Cut

The princess cut (square modified brilliant) typically possesses a square shape but occasionally may feature a rectangle shape. The shape will be noticeable when looking straight down at the gemstone. Due to the multi-faceted style of the diamond and the cut of the stone, this diamond style tends to sparkle more than many other diamond cuts. When looking at a princess-cut stone from the side, it will appear as if the diamond possesses an inverted pyramid shape.

Cost Variables

When a rough diamond is cut into a  princess (square modified brilliant) style, less waste will be incurred than if a diamond of a comparable size were cut into a round shape. This will often reflect in the overall diameter size of a princess cut stone and its cost. Two diamonds that each have a 10-carat weight may look vastly different.

In addition, these two same diamonds may be priced dissimilarly. The diamond cut is a popular cut but may not be quite as popular as some round-cut styles that are featured on rings. For this reason, the demand for the princess cut may not be as high as the demand for a round style. This will result in cost savings.

A Jeweler's Approach

Before purchasing a 10-carat diamond that will be used as the focal point of an engagement ring, a consumer should learn about the diamond selection process and cutting techniques that a jeweler uses.

Inspecting some rings that contain large diamonds and learning about the setting types that are typically used will help a consumer determine if they will be purchasing a quality piece of jewelry from the diamond crafter. An expensive diamond can be insured. This includes coverage for the gemstone, its setting, and the band of a ring.

Consider looking for a 10-carat princess-cut diamond ring