A Stacked Ring Ensemble

Traditionally a bride will wear a wedding band and engagement ring duo and a groom will wear a wedding band. This classic jewelry-wearing practice is not the only way to adorn the fingers with commemorative rings, however. A stacked ring is a series of rings that complement one another.  

A Stacked Ring

A stacked ring will consist of two or more rings that are aligned next to one another. The rings in a stack may contain similar metals, stone or jewel types, and settings. Some ring stacking techniques may involve adding textured bands to a stack of rings.

The wedding band will be the predominant ring in a stack and will rest underneath an engagement ring. As time progresses, more bands can be purchased and added above the engagement ring. By having access to multiple rings, there will be no limit to how a stacked design is arranged. On some days, a jewelry owner may settle for wearing their engagement ring and wedding band duo and on other days they may wish to add more rings to the stacked design. 

The Initial Investments

The style of your engagement ring may persuade you to shop for a particular wedding band. You and your spouse should purchase a band set that contains two rings that will complement one another. It isn't abnormal for a bride-to-be to choose a daintier band style than their spouse.

If this is the decision that the female counterpart selects, her partner may opt for a chunkier band style that is constructed of the same metal variety. A couple may also settle on a band set that contains rings that are relatively the same thickness, color, and design. A wedding band should rest next to an engagement ring, without concealing any parts of it.

A jeweler can show you some ring styles that will complement your engagement ring. If you tell the jeweler about your wish to own a stacked ring design, they may have some products at their place of business that will work well together.

Upon purchasing a set of wedding bands, continue to wear your engagement ring. On the day of your wedding, you will have the opportunity to remove your engagement ring, until your wedding ceremony is over. Afterward, you can arrange the band and engagement rings, ensuring that the engagement ring is lined up over the wedding band. As time passes, purchase more rings and add them to the stacked layout.