How To Find The Best Engagement Ring To Surprise Your Partner With

If you plan on proposing to your partner, then you may be on the lookout for the best engagement ring. In the best-case scenario, you will have had them point out their favorite engagement ring at some point. However, this isn't normally the case. More than likely, you are going to have to try to determine the engagement ring you feel they'll love without their assistance if you want it to be a real surprise. This article will offer you some helpful tips on ways you can find an engagement ring that will more than likely be a big hit with them. 

Pay attention to the rings you see them wear the most

If your partner wears rings regularly, then pay attention to the ones they seem to like the most. If they tend to wear bulkier and trendy rings, such as skull rings or similar, don't worry about this and think they won't appreciate any engagement ring. Many people who don't tend to be big fans of fancier rings make the exception for their engagement rings, because they truly are special, and they usually think of them in that manner. 

You may want to sneak a peak at their jewelry box

If you have the chance to do so without getting caught, you should take a look at the rings they have in their jewelry box. Look for the rings that look as if they get worn the most, these are normally the ones that are more easily accessible in the box. However, they may be kept inside jewelry bags for safe keeping, but will still more than likely be near the top or front where they can be quickly grabbed when they decide to wear them. You may want to take pictures of the rings, so you can look back at them later. 

Come up with a reason to discuss rings with them

If you can act without being busted, then consider coming up with an excuse to talk about ring styles and preferences. For example, if someone in your family's birthday is coming up, mention that you know they like jewelry, especially rings. Then, ask your partner what they think about different types and styles of rings. Ask things like whether they think white gold or yellow gold is best, what stone cuts they would suggest, and other questions that can help you learn what they like. 

Take their best friend ring shopping

If you know that their best friend can be trusted to keep a secret, then you may want to take them ring shopping with you. They may know just what your partner likes since people often discuss these things with their best friends. This can be a great way to find the best engagement ring to surprise your partner with. 

For more information about engagement rings, contact a local jeweler.