How To Find The Best Engagement Ring To Surprise Your Partner With

If you plan on proposing to your partner, then you may be on the lookout for the best engagement ring. In the best-case scenario, you will have had them point out their favorite engagement ring at some point. However, this isn't normally the case. More than likely, you are going to have to try to determine the engagement ring you feel they'll love without their assistance if you want it to be a real surprise.

Benefits of Using Professional Estate Jewelry Buying Services

After a loved one passes on, they may have some valuable jewelry from their estate that you wish to sell. This is a serious transaction, but you can ensure it goes smoothly if you just utilize professional estate jewelry buying services. They'll help in several key ways. Accept a Wide Variety of Jewelry Items If your loved one has a diverse collection of estate jewelry, you may be nervous about finding buyers for all of these pieces.

A Stacked Ring Ensemble

Traditionally a bride will wear a wedding band and engagement ring duo and a groom will wear a wedding band. This classic jewelry-wearing practice is not the only way to adorn the fingers with commemorative rings, however. A stacked ring is a series of rings that complement one another.   A Stacked Ring A stacked ring will consist of two or more rings that are aligned next to one another. The rings in a stack may contain similar metals, stone or jewel types, and settings.

Keys To Buying Basketball Shoes From A Pawn Shop

Pawn shops have a lot of great items for sale, sometimes at discounts too. If you're looking to buy pawn basketball shoes in particular from one of these businesses, here are some insights that you'll want to know going into this transaction. Make Sure They Fit If you plan on actually wearing basketball shoes from a pawn shop, then you need to make sure they fit before making an offer. The pawn shop should be okay with you trying on their shoes as long as you follow their protocols.

An Exquisite Diamond That Is Carefully Crafted

A 10-carat diamond is a relatively large gemstone that can be used as the setting (head) of a ring. A princess-cut stone will contain multiple facets that exude incredible brilliance. This type of stone may cost less than a round-cut stone that is a comparable carat size. Carat Weight A carat is a unit of measurement that pertains to the weight of a precious stone. A 10-carat diamond is a prominent stone that can be used to create a solitaire setting, a halo setting, a channel setting, or a customized setting.